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Well done! I have never thought things through anywhere as well as this and I wish I had this tutorial when my kids were little!

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I love this. You should submit this somewhere - like the NY Times Food section. Really great tips!

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I love this. 🙂

There was a time period during which we had (essentially) 2 toddlers, and we stayed away from restaurants. We didn’t even want to deal with the excited screaming ourselves, much less inflict it upon others. But as soon as we could expect both kids to stay seated for a reasonable amount of time (with outside walk breaks as needed) we went back to restaurants. We also balanced ones the kids love against exploring new places, which can be challenging with neurodivergent kids. And yes to bags of activities, headphones, and cleaning up after yourselves as much as practical!

I really feel like the onus of responsibility is on parents to set up their kids for success and to make sure that little people abide by the expected social mores, too. There were many times that my littles would ask, “Why can’t I run? That boy is running!” And I missed many a meal when a child refused to behave and I removed them from the restaurant to wait out in the car.

I completely get being tired and just wanting a break, but they were my kids and it was my responsibility to teach them what to do.

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