Sitemap - 2022 - Jenny Vanderberg Shannon

Jed Bartlet, 2023 and the Power Down

On Hemingway, Memoirs and Writing What You Know

My Obsession with Vocation, Gochujang and Elizabeth Gilbert

The Books I Read in 2022

Face Yoga, Manifestos and my Careless Lack of Fiction

The Mac and Cheese Rebellion

Women and Free Labor: How They Built the Church That Broke Them

Plowshares, Mulligatawny Soup, Inner Children and the Enneagram 3

Rhythms of Rest, Letting in Hope and Banh Mi Burgers

On Nourishment, Rest and Mushrooms for Breakfast.

Can Thursday Be The New Friday?

Lin-Manuel, Creativity and Taylor Swift Cookies

Sense of place, pumpkin bread and Octobers

Flour and Butter, Embracing the Wanting and Procrastination

Scaling Back, Building Up and Burning Down

Revelations and Validations

Zoos, Toast and The Eradication Of Shoulds

The Conflict With Bees, An Old House And An Identity

In Which I Am A Swimmer

The End of Summer, The Beginning of Something New

Why I Will Never Be A Vegan, LOTR and a Kale Salad

Sunday And The Summer Of Never Enough

On Women I Admire, Becoming a Sports Fan and Peach Caprese Salads

Forgive the Hiatus

On Overwhelm, Bread Day, Wild Ramps and The Next Right Thing

On Being New, Shame in the Dark and Gold Standards

In Which I Draw Lines, Challenge Old Belief Systems and drink Dark Rum Southsides

In Which I Turn 39

In Which I Discuss Birthday Fatigue, Pizza Dough and The Hunt For Beauty

The Meal Plan Formula That Saves My Life

Canceled Birthdays, Instagram Therapy and Rice Bowls

FFT's, Nutella and Kelly Kapowski

War, Lent and Strong Stock

The Last Woman Standing

An Ode to Fake Spring, Dreams and February

Why I Hope You Eat Your Words

Pancakes, Porridge, A Poem, A Prayer

2022 or Bust

Lysol Wipes and a Secret