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He is Good.

The Christmas Thing.

On Prayer

My First Corporate Letter

My Advent, Day 1



The Right One

Parenting a Perfectionist

Your Circus

Stand Next to Her

The Halloween Boycott

The Vagina Monologues

Wine over Water and Other Transgressions

Sunday Night


Let Them Eat Cake



Lactose Intolerant Intolerance

The Shannon Family Table (Literally)

My Month Without Facebook

The Muffin Deception

I Hate Beautiful Things (But not really.)

Bread for Life: In Defense of Carbs


Saturday Morning

Perpetuating the SAHM Stereotype with the Three C's : Cookies, Candles and Celebrity Crushes


Dating Classroom Mothers

Thoughts on Being Busy

In Vino, Veritas. And bigger pants.

Just a Few Snapshots of our Time Away...

With your whole heart...


Lost and Found


Pre-school, Expectations and Hello Kitty Lunch boxes

Fasting and Feasting

Three. More. Weeks.

Beers, Be-ers and Doers


Schedule of a Work From Home Mom

Let Me Try Again

Do it Anyway

Subway Stream of Consciousness

To the Working Dad

No Room for Too

Those People


Courting Your Librarian


Reclined at the Table

They Grow Up So Fast

Lessons from The Classroom

The Working Mama Gollum Syndrome

Hope and Dead Hydrangeas


Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Dying Mice, Ani DiFranco and the Taming of Parenthood

Scared of the Sad

I'm Not Ready to be a Parent

Monday Thoughts


The Women I'm Reading

The Next Step

Summer Vacations

Don't Mix the Play doh and Other Idiot Parental Moves I've Made

Seasons and Turning North

Dryer Sheets are from the Devil, and other Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Count it all Joy:

Lent and The Count it all Joy Project

Monday Morning Thoughts

Yup. We're Talking About It.

Here, with Her

Ode to Public School Teachers, Pizza and my Kid's Future Education

Not Parents for Dinner

There's No Mama Mold

St. Valentine, Some Questions on Love and Peanut Butter M&M's

Thankful Hearts

Already Bled

Can I Have An-a-der Cupcake, Mama? (And other food lies I tell my child.)

Confessions of a Quinoa Hater


It's Not Beautiful

On Our Table


Happy Puking New Year